Intense is a 3 day camping event. It is a gathering of men and boys centered around father’s and sons, natural and spiritual. There are sporting competitions for teams and individuals, and teaching sessions in the mornings and evenings from international leaders. Men come from around the world to participate in Intense.

STEP 1: Register

A. You will receive an electronic confirmation email.

STEP 2: Decide if you will be participating in competitive events. (Listed on the EVENTS page)

A. Form a team if needed. * Many of our teams practice and play together regularly. We encourage you to do the same.

STEP 3: Arrive at Jordan Ranch Thursday, March 14, 2019. Gates open at 10 AM.

A. Receive wristband and waiver at the Registration Table when entering Jordan Ranch. This is your proof of registration.
B. You will also receive a map of Jordan Ranch. From here you can locate campsite and see where each event will be held.
C. Set up camp.
D. You find the what to bring under the about tab.

STEP 4: Sign up for events.

A. Locate stage area where event registration will be held (different than Intense Men registration table).
B. Sign up for all individual and team competitive events.
C. Your name will be placed in the brackets.
D. Please have one person register your whole team.


Thursday night March 14 at 7 PM. All instructions will be given then.



We will have a concession stand with meals available for purchase daily such as hamburgers, hot dogs, turkey legs, and sausage on a stick. Breakfast tacos, snacks, drinks and more will also be available. We will not have ice for sale.
Anything you want to cook at your campsite you must bring yourself.